Background: How It All Began

The story began with my desire to get into the LARP community. When I started writing Eternal Brink, I had never actually LARPed before.

I had been lightly working on a character for about a year. I wanted to LARP as a Lord of the Rings Aragorn-type character for years but never got around to writing the full details of the backstory.

The Sword from Etsy

I ordered a sword from an Easy store in Spain. It was an impressive version of Anduril (Aragorn’s sword) that came from Spain. I also spoke to a few LARPers about how to get into it.

During the summer of 2016, I finally started developing my character but it was only in December of 2016 that the ideas behind Eternal Brink began to emerge.

The Urban Fantasy to Medieval LARP Connection

While the story is an urban fantasy set in modern time, the great part about it is that it actually ties into my bloodline from medieval times. So, as I live my life in the Eternal Brink story, I am counting on my LARP character from medieval times to have children who will survive to modern times and save the universe! Confused? Don’t worry. It will all make sense soon enough.

Photography and the App

In December 2016, I discovered the app that allowed me to modify my photos and realized that I could create my own comic. I’ve been using Photoshop to design websites since around 1999 so the creative editing process came naturally to me. Just because you have an app that filters photos, it doesn’t mean it’s all a one-click solution.

The story began days after I converted my first photos to comic format but it really took off in 2017. I needed time to develop the ideas and write the story.  I wrote the story for weeks and included time travel elements which allowed me to connect the modern digital story with a possible LARP that I could join with the character I was creating! For example, it did not matter if the LARP took place in medieval times because it would be part of the bloodline that would eventually save the universe around 2017, 600 years later!