The Convergence of Fandom, Cosplay, LARPing, Photography, and Comic Books

The story is comprised of different areas that converge to create a unique format.

I grew up reading comic books. Mostly Marvel and a handful of DC, Image, Valiant, and other independents. I am a fan first. Telling the Eternal Brink story has me drawing on my passion for comic book storytelling.

I’m not a cosplayer but I do love the idea and have been promoting cosplayers for years, mostly through my work at Citynet Magazine. While the Eternal Brink story involves real people in my life who are being themselves, some are creating costumes and playing roles.

LARPing & Acting
Live Action Role Play (LARP) is a type of role-playing game where individuals act and interact as their characters. Usually, the characters pursue their objectives (e.g., conquer another team of LARPers) while following game-specific rules in a particular setting. Eternal Brink draws on that idea by having individuals who create their costumes (the cosplaying angle), develop a character, and then act it out. While acting, photos are taken and converted into comic book style images in order to tell the story. There has been a bit of social media use in the LARP community but nothing like this.

Photography & Filming
I have loved photography since I was handed my first camera as a kid back in the early 1980s. Eternal Brink brings out my creative eye for visuals in new ways. I am forced to not only stage shots but storyboard as though I was writing a comic book or filming a movie.

Comic Books
Of course, the entire story should be considered as a comic book. I had grown up reading comics and loving them so much that when I was in my late teens, I put on comic book conventions in my parents house. Eternal Brink is certainly the modern, innovate comic story.

Picture Books
The format is also reminiscent of a picture book. Traditionally, the format was used to illustrated stories for children. Eternal Brink could be considered a modern version of a picture book.