The Plot

Eternal Brink is a reality-based fantasy comic. It is published on Instagram and then re-posted on this website. As the plot unfolds, it will be discussed below.

Plot Summary

Chapter 1: They Keep Calling Me
The story primarily takes place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Brian (aka Captain), is the protagonist. He has dreams where voices call him. It’s driving him crazy. He tries to figure out what’s going on. In his search, he meets his friend Alice. She becomes his sidekick as they go on a quest to stop the voices (and save the universe – but more on that in later chapters!).


One basis of the story is synchronicity. Synchronicity is essentially meaningful coincidences. That means that everyone is somehow connected to me. The people, items, and scenarios that happen all had a specific history that lead up to the moment that they come into my life. When they do come into my life, it’s to help lead me toward saving the universe.